Tattoo Survival Serum Comments

When I was in San Diego in 2009, visiting my daughter, I visited your little kiosk during a street fair. I sampled your product, on my newest tatoo I had on my forearm of my dog, which was a 1 yr old tatoo, therefore most of the color was still bright. I applied your tat saver cream, and the color just seemed to jump off my arm, brighter, and I don’t know, LIKE NEW again. And then Susan told me to apply it to a couple of older ones (20yrs old on one) and though the colors were faded, and some even almost disappeared, the tat saver, helped restore some of the colors old brillance. Of course tat saver should be applied on a regular basis, or like any other creams, it will dry out, whenever I was exposed to the sun, (mostly playing golf 3 times a week), I put it on all my toos. And I am 62 years old,thankyou very much.

So if you like your tatoos to stay colorful, last a little longer from fading, (even in the winter) I highly reommend this product. That is why I remembered it, liked the way it worked, and called susan and ordered a larger size- one for me, and one for my son, – who asked me once, ” how do your tatoos always look brand new?”

And for any of you skeptics, out there, I am not a paid actor or professional spokesperson for the company. Just an old tatoo freak who liked this product, and never would have known of its existence, had I not been out there 2 years ago, and was JUST SNOOPING!